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This page contains Scottish Dance groups I know of in Europe, together with links to their home pages if I know of them. For some groups I only have their homepage link. I have marked these with "(link only)". If I have missed your favourite group out, I'd love to know so I can add them to this page.

There are also pages for groups in

You might also like Anselm Lingnau's World SCD map. Note I can claim no credit (or blame) for this.

If you can't find the group you are looking for here, it is probably worth checking out the Celtic Circle listing as well.

Since anyone anywhere in the world can read this page, I have not included contact addresses or telephone numbers unless I have specifically been given permission. Please contact me if you want contact information.

The groups are arranged by country and then in alphabetical order of location, and are:



Brussels Dance Scottish


Brussels Dance Scottish was founded in 1973 by Mrs Ren�e Campbell as St. Andrew's Church Scottish Country Dance Group.

Classes are on Thursdays 20-22hrs except during Belgian school holidays (consult our webpage for the list of dates with no class). The teachers are Anne Scobie and Jette Rossen.

Class venue: Pianofabriek, Rue du Fort 35, 1060 St Gilles (Brussels)


Information supplied by Jette Rossen.

Czech Republic

SCD Club - Prague


SCD Club - Prague was established to promote Scottish Country Dancing in Praha (Czech Republic). We organize SCD socials every first Thursday in a month. Just come and don�t forget to bring a smile and a sense of fun!

Please feel free to contact (E-mail or phone) these persons.
Va�ek Pol�k: (420 2) 684 0337
Irena Samcov�: (420 2) 333 71 456, mobil:0604 474618

Information supplied by Vaclav Polak (


RSCDS Breton Branch


Welcome to Brittany! Bienvenus en Bretagne!

In order to make the RSCDS more visible in NW France, we have created a new Branch. The RSCDS page is now in existence. Because of the coronavirus, we have been slowed in our preparations and we have still not been able to organize official meetings with our Breton hosts the Cercle Celtique de Rennes because Rennes has become a COVID crisis centre and their president actually works in the central hospital...

The RSCDS-Breton Branch supports Scottish Country Dancing from Rennes (the capital of Brittany) to Finistère…. the end of the world! Most nights of the week between September and July people are dancing Scottish somewhere in Brittany with mixed ability groups, often bilingual and always very friendly. The RSCDS-BB runs an annual dance workshop, and specific Dancing Days to improve technique or to prepare “animations” when we have been invited – for example to “British Weekend” in Josselin, or to a “Europe Day” in Lannion or Combourg. We support our dance groups other Celtic events by adding Scottish culture; and we offer our services to schools where we can bring Scottish culture, music and dance into English language classes.

Our Branch website will be (when we have managed to work with the Rennes webmaster set up the page) : Details of classes in Rennes (not yet restarted because of COVID):

Contact: Secretary (


The Munich Caledonians


Who or what are we? It`s very simple. If you like Scottish music and dancing, having a blether or just watching people enjoying themselves, then that is who and what we are.

We are a group of resident Scots promoting Scottish cultural and social evenings in and around Munich. We have ceilidhs, hill walks, sports days and our two gala evenings: the St. Andrew's Dinner Dance and of course the Burns Supper.

Why not come along and find out for yourseleves - I`m sure you won`t regret it!

Information supplied by Annie Tabacchi

The Tartan Tatties

*SCD* Classes are on Thursday nights, from 8-10pm, meeting in the great hall in our mill (same address as the club address). And of course there is boozing in the pub from 10:30 - ???.

The club address is:

Tartan Tatties
Kerstin Kuhn
Proitzer Mühle
29465 Schnega
Tel: [+49] (0)5842-450
Fax: [+49] (0)5842-407

Information supplied by Kerstin Kuhn.


Republic of Ireland

Dublin Scottish Country Dance Club


We meet most Thursday evenings from early September - late June at 8:15pm in the hall of York Road Presbyterian Church, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. We are lucky enough to have class musicians, and teaching is shared between 3 dancers.

Visitors and new dancers, whether beginners or experienced, are always welcome, and can contact the Secretary, Florrie, on 01 288 8328 or Our website is

Information supplied by Helen Beaney.


Florence Scottish Association, Florence


The Florence Scottish Association of Florence meets once a month on Saturdays from 20:30 to 23:00 at the DLF in via Paisiello 131, Florence. Occasional extra dates, such as the St. Andrews Ball and Robert Burn's Night, are also planned. The teacher and dance director is Donald Francis.

The secretary of the Florence Scottish Association is Mr Michele Chiarini and he can be contacted at:
Website: .

MSCD � Milan Scottish Country Dancers


We hold 10 week courses in Scottish Country Dancing (all levels) in the Autumn (September to November) leading up to our St Andrew�s Night, in the Winter (January-March), also to prepare for our Burns Night, and in the Spring/early summer. We do not meet in June-August. We meet at All Saints Church, Via Solferino 17, Milan on Monday evenings during courses, which generally end with a ceilidh.

Info from John Murphy (, Tel:+39 348 0851930). Also

Societá di Danza, Bologna, Modena, Pisa, Livorno, Ferrara, Lecce, Milano, Trento, Bergamo, Roma


The Association Societa' di Danza, directed by Fabio Mollica, has regular courses of scottish country dances and XIX Century dances in several cities, with various teachers, and is affiliated to the RSCDS. Several balls and events are organized during the year. The Societa' di Danza organizes an Easter School and a Summer School, more information can be found at

Contact: Societa' di Danza, Via Cavallerini 6, 41100 Monde, Italy

The Netherlands

Donna Richoux's page of Folk Dance in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam SCDG *SCD*

Amsterdam SCDG meet on Thursdays between 20:00 and 22:00, dancing at Wijkcentrum De Bolder, Groenhof Winkelcentrum, Amstelveen. The teacher is Margeret Lambourne.

They can be contacted at: Phone: +31-30-6047796

From the late Paul Etty's page of SCD groups in the Netherlands.

The Clansmen SCDG, Den Haag *SCD*

The Clansmen meet on Mondays between 20:15 and 22:15, dancing at Engelse Kerk, Riouwstraat 2, Den Haag. The teacher is Marlyn MacPhail.

They can be contacted at: Ursulaland 141, 2591 GW Den Haag
Phone: +31-70-382 11 75
Fax: +31-70-382 11 75

From the late Paul Etty's page of SCD groups in the Netherlands.

RSCDS Delft Branch *SCD*

Delft Branch of the RSCDS meet on Wednesday evenings from 20:15 - 22:30 in Partycenter Delftstede, Phoenixstraat 66, Delft. The teacher is Anne Goudriaan.

They can be contacted at: Werflaan 68, 2725 DJ Zoetermeer
Phone (Home): +31-79-346 07 23
Phone (Office): +31-70-314 62 98
Fax (Office): +31-70-314 70 56

From the late Paul Etty's page of SCD groups in the Netherlands.

'The Frisky': Dronten and District SCDG


The Frisky have now merged with The Rowan Tree Dancers.

Update from Eric Ferguson based on

The Thistle Club, Eindhoven *SCD* *Highland*

The Thistle Club in Eindhoven meet on Wednesdays between 20:30 and 22:45 in De Landing, Tarwelaan 109, Eindhoven, (Country) and on Mondays between 20:30 and 22:30 in De Werf, v.d. Werffstraat 14, Eindhoven (alternately Country and Highland). The teachers for the Country classes are Petra Siemons & Rik de Vroome; for Highland classes Rik de Vroome.

They can be contacted via:

Information supplied by secretary: Claire de Vroome.

RSCDS The Hague District Branch *SCD*

Since January 2010, The Hague Branch of the RSCDS have just been running occasional social dances. The organisers are Hans van Zon / Wanda van Taanom.

They can be contacted at: De Tol 421, 2266 EH Leidschendam
Phone: +31-70-3202352
Fax: +31-70-3270557

From the late Paul Etty's page of SCD groups in the Netherlands, update from Eric Ferguson.

Geldermalsen SCDG *SCD*

Geldermalsen SCDG meet on Thursdays between 20:00 and 22:00 in Gymnastiekzaal Leliestraat, Geldermalsen. The teacher is Wil van den Berg.

From the late Paul Etty's page of SCD groups in the Netherlands.

Schiehallion SCDG, Roosendaal *SCD*

Schiehallion SCDG meet on Tuesdays between 20.00 and 22.15. The teacher is Tiny Pot.

They can be contacted at: Stationsstraat 45, 4701 NC Roosendaal
Phone: +31-165-546029

Information provided by Tiny Pot.

The Swilcan SCDG, Utrecht *SCD*

The Swilcan SCD group meet on Wednesdays between 20:00 and 22:00 in Teun de Jagerdreef 3, Utrecht. The teacher is Jaap Hellinghuizer.

They can be contacted at: Zernikeweg 50, 3731 KE De Bilt
Phone: +31-30-2205630

From the late Paul Etty's page of SCD groups in the Netherlands.

Scottish Country Dance Group The Rowan Tree Dancers, Heerde, Nederland *SCD*

Weekly classes on Wednesday 13.45-15.45.
Teacher: Bas Broekhuizen
Contact: Wim de Ridder (

Information provided by Bas Broekhuizen.

St Andrews Society of the Netherlands, Wassenaar *SCD*

The St Andrews Society of the Netherlands' Reel Club meets every Friday from September - June in Cultureel Centrum Warenar, Kerkstraat, Wassenaar. The main event in the Society's year is the St. Andrew's Ball in November. Non-members are very welcome to attend all events.

The Society can be contacted at:

Information supplied by St. Andrew's Society,



ISTA Scottish Dancing Club *SCD*

Scottish dancing arrived to Poland 10 years ago at the time when folk culture from various regions of the world gained popularity. SCD and highland Scottish dancing demonstrations always attract a great number of viewers, some of them joined Scottish dancing classes. ISTA School Dance in co-operation with teachers being RSCDS members offers Scottish dancing classes, weekend workshops and organises ceilidhs. Dancers from Poland as well as foreign visitors are always most welcome to join our classes and dance with us elegant strathspeys, dynamic reels and jigs and, the most fit can dance also highland dancing.

Would you like to know more about Scottish dancing in Poland? Would you like to join our classes, workshops or ceilidh? Contact us at:

Marta Guzy ISTA Dancing School
ul. Kluczborska 31/66
31-271 Krakow (Poland)
tel. (48) 501 039 629, fax: (48) 12 661 22 34
web site: (also in English)

Our mission is to popularise Scottish dancing in Poland, thus we have articles on Scottish dancing and on its history (in Polish only for the time being). These articles, as we believe, can be of a great help to Poles looking for information about Scottish Dancing.

Celtica-SCD, Cracow, Poland *SCD*

Celtica-SCD branches out from an association that re-enacts Celtic culture. Apart from being enamoured by the ancient Celts, we were connected by our love of dance. We have chosen Scottish Country Dancing, because all the pleasure from dancing for us comes not from solo shows but from dancing together with other people who are as passionate about it as we are. The group was created in May 2008 and at present it has 15 members. We are not only interested in dance, but also in the historical backdrop of the dance. For that reason we try to focus on 18th century and women�s dresses are a testimony to that, as well as the fact that most of the dances that are in our repertoire come from the end of 18th or the beginning of the 19th century. In fall 2008 we are starting a course of open SCD workshops. We are also planning to organise a number of events including social dances and Scottish balls.


Information provided by Katarzyna (Kate) Klimas


Schiehallion Dance School, St Petersburg, Russia *SCD*

In summer 2014, Humpty-Dumpty Dance School was reorganized. Humpty-Dumpty Scottish group decided to continue its mission as an independent school called Schiehallion. Nadezhda Alkimovich and Sergey Kargapoltsev head the new school.

Contact: Scottish Dance (Ceilidh, SCD, Ladies' Step, Highland):
Sergey Kargapoltsev ( Tel: +7(960)285-71-81;
Nadezhda Alkimovich ( Tel: +7(911)103-73-84

For letters:
Kirochnaya street d.17 kv.19.
Saint-Petersburg - 191123
Russian Federation

Web: (in Russian)

Information supplied by Sergey Kargapoltsev.




Geneva SCD Club *SCD*

Geneva SCD Club meets on Thursdays 18:00�20:00 from Mid September to mid-June � Outside school holidays. We meet in the basement of Ecole Necker, rue Necker 4, CH-1201 Geneva.

Beginners class every second Sunday 17h30-19h. Contact us for dates.

Contact: Liz Anderson
Email: Web:

If you have any other societies you would like me to include here, please mail me with a description. Please also get in touch if you disagree with any of the descriptions already here, and offer your view of the societies. If you want me to publish your view, however, you must give me permission to attribute it to you.
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