Scottish Dance groups in Africa

This page contains Scottish Dance groups I know of in Africa, together with links to their home pages if I know of them. For some groups I only have their homepage link. I have marked these with "(link only)". If I have missed your favourite group out, I'd love to know so I can add them to this page.

There are also pages for groups in

You might also like Anselm Lingnau's World SCD map. Note I can claim no credit (or blame) for this.

Since anyone anywhere in the world can read this page, I have not included contact addresses or telephone numbers unless I have specifically been given permission. Please contact me if you want contact information.

The groups are arranged by country and then in alphabetical order of location, and are:


South Africa

RSCDS Pretoria Branch


The Pretoria Branch of the RSCDS meets on Thursday evenings at 20:00. The venue is St Columba's Presbyterian Church hall, corner of Hilda and Schoeman Streets (entrance in Hilda Street), Hatfield, Pretoria. The group welcomes beginners and advanced dancers. E-mail for more information.

Web site:

Information supplied by Terry Lynne

If you have any other societies you would like me to include here, please mail me with a description. Please also get in touch if you disagree with any of the descriptions already here, and offer your view of the societies. If you want me to publish your view, however, you must give me permission to attribute it to you.
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